Why Tomorrow is a Bad Day

  Isn’t it amazing how tomorrow always works out to be the perfect time to do something. Going to the gym, working on the budget, many things just seem to sound much better when we think about doing them tomorrow. The fact is that you are not guaranteed tomorrow…none of us are. Here are 3 ways that I make my “TODAY” count. 

1. Have a list of things that I WILL accomplish by the end of the day. I use an ongoing note on my iPhone titled “To Do”. Each day I look at the list and know that until it is done, I will be awake working on it. Life happens…but the list still gets done each day. 

2. Remind myself why it matters that I start today. Recently I heard a speaker say, “God’s day is today…the devil’s day is tomorrow.” I’m not sure who spoke those words, but they changed my way of thinking. There are many opportunities we are given in life that come along one time. Do we really want to miss those just because we want to wait until tomorrow? 

3. Treasure the Moment. As a dad I know that these years are precious and that I will never get them back again. Do I fail miserably at this sometimes? Yes! But the older my kids get, the faster I see them growing up. Learn to enjoy the season of life you are in right now. Whether it is high school, college, newly married etc. take the time to treasure the moments that you will never see again. 

Make TODAY count!!!


Andrew Smith is a former infantry soldier who was wounded in Fallujah, Iraq in 2003. His passion is serving God and following that call no matter where it leads. After being on staff at a local church for 10 years, he recently accepted a position with Rooftop Missions and will be serving as Director of Rooftop India.  

Executive Coach and Leadership speaker with the John Maxwell Team. http://www.johnmaxwellgroup.com/asmith

Director of Rooftop India http://www.rooftoomissions.com 

Mentor with Honor & Courage (Operation Ward 57), a non-profit organization that financially assists Wounded Warriors and their families. http://www.operationward57.org

Small Business Owner-Yellow Dawg Striping of Southwest Virginia.

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