Go Ahead, Don’t Share. 

Each time I visit a foreign country, the same things always happens. I almost immediately find myself surrounded by kids. It could be because of what I am carrying…usually my iPhone or a football. It could be because I am tall and white. No matter the reason, I love it when I find myself surrounded by new friends. 

In these moments, I always react the same way. I desperately search for something to share with them. Sometimes it is candy, other times a selfie or maybe a song from my phone. 

But the main reason that I travel thousands of miles is to share with them the greatest gift that was ever shared with me. In some way, shape or form, I give them the Gospel. I share with them the love that Jesus has for each and everyone of us. 

We are able to do this because many people have given selflessly to make it happen. People just like you. As we grow we will need more resources to share with our new friends around the world, some who don’t have parents or beds to call their own. 

So I ask, will you share? 

Has God blessed you enough that you can find $10 a month to share and impact lives all across the world. 

Go ahead, don’t share. But know that you are missing out. My greatest joy in life usually comes when I give what I have to someone that needs it the most…whether it is a hug, a smile or something as simple as a dollar. 

Click below to start sharing today! http://www.RooftopMissions.com/Join

-Andrew Smith/Director of Rooftop Missions

*Whether it is through Rooftop or another organization, I pray that you will decide to share your blessings with others today. 

**Are you already on the Rooftop Team? If so, feel free to share this link with your friends and family. 

About the author: 

Executive Coach and Leadership speaker with the John Maxwell Team. http://www.johnmaxwellgroup.com/asmith

Director of Rooftop Missions http://www.rooftoomissions.com 
Infantry soldier with the Army’s 10th Mountain Division from 2002-2005. 

Wounded in Fallujah, Iraq in 2003 by shrapnel from an IED. 
Purple Heart Recipient
Mentor with Honor & Courage (Operation Ward 57), a non-profit organization that financially assists Wounded Warriors and their families. 

Small Business Owner-Yellow Dawg Striping of Southwest Virginia.

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